Dates and Times

Entity Registration mandclu Thu, 11/24/2022 - 10:28

Leverages the Field API to add registrations to any entity. Also leverages workflows to control processing registrations, and has Commerce integration for paid registration requirements.

Link Augmenter for Dates mandclu Sat, 07/30/2022 - 12:30

Provides options for adding a link to your date output. An example use would be linking to your group's meetup page to RSVP, or directing users to a registration webform. By default links will only be added to upcoming events, but this module can be configured to add its links to all events.

Date Content Augmenter mandclu Sat, 07/30/2022 - 12:29

This module leverages the Date Augmenter API to allow content to be associated with Individual values in a multivalued or recurring date field. Although designed to work with Smart Date, this functionality can be used with any field supported by a compatible date formatter, which includes core date fields.

Add to Calendar Date Augmenter mandclu Sat, 07/30/2022 - 12:26

This module provides links to add an event to a calendar, without relying on external dependencies or libraries. This module leverages the Date Augmenter API to provide a plugin that will add these links to another formatter, instead of forcing you to choose a formatter that only adds add to calendar links.

Date Augmenter API mandclu Sat, 07/30/2022 - 12:20

This module provides an API for modules to provide plugins that will add to or change the output of supported processors such as in Smart Date 3.4.x or newer. Currently available plugins for this API include:

Smart Date Registration Kit mandclu Sat, 07/30/2022 - 12:09

Proof of concept for using Smart Date with Drupal Commerce to allow registration. This module will define a product type for listing events. If only using this system for free events, you can update the form display to remove the price and potentially the sku fields, and you will likely want to implement a simplified checkout process.

Smart Date Calendar Kit mandclu Sat, 07/30/2022 - 12:07

Installs a preconfigured view to use Smart Date values in a Fullcalendar View. Extends on and requires Smart Date Starter Kit, which provides an Event content type and related listing view.

Smart Date Starter Kit mandclu Sat, 07/30/2022 - 12:04

Creates an Event content type and a related Events view, with tabs to show upcoming and past events. This module helps new users get started using Smart Date, and also provides value as a "known good" set of views configuration.

Smart Date mandclu Sat, 07/30/2022 - 11:59

Provides a variety of features to improve Drupal's handling of dates and times: A more intuitive widget, intelligent formatting, all-day and zero-duration events, recurring dates, and more. Also extensible using the Date Augmenter API.