This module uses a visitor's IP address to identify their geographical location (longitude/latitude), country, region, city and postal code, and stores these in a session variable. The module is able to automatically pull updated copies of free, flat-file lookup tables.

This module implements a new cache context, based on the value of a reference field on the current user. To use this new cache context in your own module, after installing this module add a cache content like user.ref_field:field_foo where field_foo is the machine name of the reference field (e.g.

This module allows a site to boost Solr query results where the content has a taxonomy term reference that matches a selection in a field on the current user. For example, if your site had a taxonomy for animals, and a user had set their favourite animal as "elephant" in their user profile, the module would cause content tagged with "elephant" to appear higher in the search results.

Provides a personalization toolset that can do some simple conditional display of content, primarily using Smart Blocks. Also has integrations for a variety data handling capabilities including dataLayer objects, UTM code handling, and integration with subscription-based services that can inject more sophisticated algorithms, like Demandbase or 6sense.