Config Kits

This module is a Configuration Kit that provides a system for managing user-specific tasks. On first install the system is simple by design, but the tasks are stored as Storage Entities so you're free to modify and add fields as needed to suit the specific needs of your site: due dates, ticket IDs, a "task type" taxonomy reference, and so on.

This is a configuration-only module that creates a system for managing links with SVG icons, designed to be shown in a block on the home page. They are saved as Storage Entities to reduce clutter in the content system, and can be managed directly from the home page, within the settings tray (see screen captures).

This module provides a ready-to-use set of configuration for displaying Person nodes on your website, for example in a staff directory, faculty list, or list of physicians. The Auto Entity Label module is leveraged so editors only need to provide first and last names, and will be combined into a title for the node.

When installed this module now creates a new content type (Alert), a related taxonomy vocabulary (Alert Severity), and a view for display the alerts. The module will automatically create three severity levels.