Guardr is a Drupal distribution with a combination of modules and settings to enhance a Drupal application's security and availability to meet enterprise security requirements.


The Security Review module automates testing for many of the easy-to-make mistakes that render your site insecure. Checks include file and directory permissions, text formats, error reporting, and more.


Token Content Access allows you to restrict access to individual nodes using URL tokens. In order to view protected nodes, users must provide a unique token via the URL. This allows nodes to be published and viewable to anonymous users (for instance with a special link from an email campaign) but not visible to the public at large.


Force Users Logout mandclu Mon, 08/01/2022 - 05:15

Force Users Logout module allows administrator to quickly force logout or delete session of any user(s).

This module gives three options

Performs static site analysis to generate a detailed report with actionable best practice recommendations across a variety of concerns, including security, performance, database size and complexity, and more.