Add a Robust Events System to Your Drupal Site in Minutes


Managing dates and times can be complex: with timezones, daylight savings time, leap years, and even regional formatting differences, there's a lot to manage. On top of all that, the editors on your site are familiar with feature-rich calendar software from the likes of Google, Apple, and Microsoft, and will expect your site to follow their conventions.

This session will focus on how the use of Smart Date, and its companion module Smart Date Calendar Kit, will give your site a robust events system, quickly and with minimal effort. The provided install includes intuitive, drag-and-drop management of events, and is fully extensible, so you can build on it to meet the specific needs of your site. Even better, adding recurring dates support is only two clicks extra!

This session will start with a stock Drupal 9 install, and you'll see the installation in real time, with a variety of features demoed.